Silver Jubilee Home For The Aged stands proudly today as an impressive household name in Penang. It stretches over 22.5 acres of flat land with eight blocks of cluster units housing 124 rooms, 5 medical wards withover 80 beds, a rehabilitation centre, a physiotheraphy section, a splendid dining hall and 2 kitchens to cater for the Muslim and non-Muslim Residents and a self contained laundry.

This HOME was established in the year 1935 to commemorate the Silver Anniversary of King George V. The land, situated in Sungai Dua, was donated by the late Mr.Cheah Leong Keah, J.P. for the aged destitute in Penang. 'The Penang and Province Wellesley Silver Jubilee Fund' was then launched to collect funds for the setting up of the HOME. Together the Straits Settlement Government, the Municipal Council of Georgetown and the general public managed to raise about $1,000,000.00 to set up the HOME. Thus in 1936, a Trust Fund was established under the name of " The Penang and Province Wellesley Silver Jubilee Fund "

The Chief Minister, as Chairman and 3 other trustees are the administrators of the Fund, known as the Board of Trustees for the Fund. They are assisted by a 12-member General Management Committee headed by another Chairman whose function is to oversee the general administration of the HOME. They are all appointed into office by the State Executive Council. While the trustees are appointed for life, the members of the General Management Committee are appointed on a biennal basis and their services to be renewed for as long as they are needed by the HOME.

At the moment, there is the Manager, two assistant Managers, two Matrons, a Finance Officer and other section staff to provide the day-to-day running of the HOME.

Besides, the donation of the land by philanthropist, the late Mr.Cheah Leong Keah, J.P., other philanthropists like the late Honorable Khoo Sian Ewe, C.B.E.,O.B.E., J.P., donated 4 cottages in memory of his beloved wife, the late Mdm. Lee Sim Neoh and the Lim Kongsi ( Kew Leong Teong Lim Temple) donated another 4 more cottages. At that time, there was a visiting doctor, Y. B. Dato ' Seri Tan Ewe Aik, who started the clinic with the assistance of a few nurses from the Grey Sisters. He was then also a member of the General Management Committee. In the 1960 Dato' Seri Dr.Tan advised, designed and set up a 25-bedded female medical ward for the sick. Referrals were made to the General Hospital for the resident who needed further treatment.

The HOME spends an average of RM 100,000.00 per month which totaled up to over RM 1 million each year. Through the kind generosity of the general public, the HOME is able to function smoothly even at difficult periods especially at times of recession.

The State Government of Penang and the Federal Government allocates annual grants to the HOME through the Ministry of Women, Family And Community Development. About 70% of the expenses came from the magnanimous hearts of the general public. The HOME always welcome donations, however small, in kind and especially in cash.


• The land donated by Mr. Cheah Leong Keah in 1935 - still occupied by squatters. • Cottages for residents' - 1981
• Workers coming to continue with the construction of the Store-house - 1981 • Residents' Cottages with Store House in 1981
• Quarters for employees of the Home - 1981 • Malay Dining Area and kitchen - 1981
• Male and Female Medical Wards - 1981 • Male and Female Medical Wards - 1988
• Dewan Jubli Perak - 1988 • Frontage of the Home - 1989
• Extension of Male Medical Ward under construction - 1990 • Male Medical Ward - 1990
• Extension for Male & Female Medical Wards - 1990 • Plaque of official opening of Male Medical Ward - 1990
• Opening of Medical Ward by the late Governor of Penang TYT - 1990 • Administration Office - Dec 1990
• Cluster Units • Day Care Centre in the Home - 2002
• Fountain Erected - September 2002 • Frontage of the Home - 7th April 2003
• Memorial Stone of the late Lee Eng Sim Neoh - Donated by Khoo Sian Ewe • Demolishing of the dining hall - 2004
• The Wishing Well - 2005 • Mr. Cheah Leong Keah Hall - 10th Dec 2005
• Rehabilitation Centre - August 2007


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