The generosity of well-wishers and a caring public has rendered it possible for us to maintain the HOME and keep it going. The facilities provided are as follows : -

1.Dining Hall
This spacious hall has a capacity to accommodate about 650 people. Birthday parties, festival celebrations, gift and “ Ang Pow “ distributions are some of the functions that we hold in this dining hall. In the event of food sponsor, karaoke session and stage performance are also held to entertain the Residents.

2.Rehabilitation Centre
The rehab centre presently provides therapy to the Hospital referred patients and inhouse Residents who suffer from Stroke. It is equipped with a complete set of physiotherapy and occupational therapy work out exercisers. A medical Assistant does the administration while a physiotherapist and an occupational Therapist with the assistance of volunteers and attendants provide the professional service.

3.Physiotherapy Ward
This Ward is equipped with limb exercisers like treadmill and pedal exerciser which are for the inhouse patients to do their daily workout. Group therapy is also conducted to improve the co ordination system of the patients.

4.Ward (Male/Female)
There are 2 Medical ward, Male and Female which can accommodate 100 residents and there is a T.V. in each unit. It is also separated into male and female ward.

5.Cluster Units
These 8 blocks of cluster units are the Home for the fully mobile and able bodied Residents. The total capacity of 124 rooms can accommodate some 250 Residents on a two to a room basis. In between the rooms, is a toilet and bathroom attached for the convenience of the Resident.

6.Kitchen – Halal & Non-Halal
The main kitchen is attached to the Dining Hall and can cater the cooking for about 800 people. Additionally, there is a ‘ halal ‘ kitchen which can cater for about 80 people in a separate building.

7.Coldroom & Refrigeration Food storage
Inside both kitchens, we have refrigerators and freezers to keep perishable food fresh. There is also a coldroom large enough to store about 2,000 kg.of provisions like vegetables, fruits and drinks.

8. Laundry
The HOME operate an inhouse laundry for the linen and clothings used by the Residents. Available are 2 units each of 25kg.-capacity washer extractor and tumble dryer. Domestic washers are also available for those Residents who would like to do their own laundry.


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