A Dazzle of Batik at SJH

One never knows where talent and skill will display themselves, SJH is reminded of this truth when some of its residents volunteered their time and effort in producing batik paintings on textile. Imagine the delight and surprise of the Home in discovering its residents possess unsuspected innate talents and skill in working visual magic through batik design.

The vibrant batik paintings they produce are not the usual run-of-the-mill motifs used for the manufacture aspects. The presentations are both in the realistic and semi-abstract modes. The refreshingly original sketches, enhanced with the skillful blend of a rich variety of colours, are a visual treat and are designed to brighten up any room.

The public may view the paintings during office hours on normal working day by contacting the Home's office either personally or by phone. All purchases made are purely on a donation basis as the proceeds from every sale will be treated as a contribution towards the maintenance of the Home.

SJH hopes the public will avail themselves of this opportunity to acquire these attractive decorative items. At the same timer, with every purchase they will also be donating towards the subsistence and welfare of he senior citizens here.



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