A new Recycling Centre for Tzu Chi at SJH

SJH has always believed that any person, whatever their age or physical challenges, can always optimise their lives by filling it with productive and meaningful activity. In conformity with this core belief, in October, 2017 the Home set up a collection centre for recyclable items within the grounds of SJH. All proceeds from this venture are donated to the Tzu Chi Foundation.

Besides enabling the Home to contribute in its own way towards a worthy cause, the setting up of the centre further gives the residents of the Home an opportunity to devote their spare time in useful activity by sorting and packing the recyclable items donated. It also serves the convenience of those who reside within the densely populated zone of Bayan Baru and its neighbouring precincts when they wish to donate recyclable items to the Tzu Chi Foundation.

SJH hopes, however, that donors ensure that items delivered to the collection centre are fit for recycling. Items which are no longer in a recyclable condition and may be graded a garbage will merely entail unnecessary effort and time for the residents of the Home in having to dispose of them. SJH in confident the public will extend their kind cooperation in this respect and thanks them in anticipation



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