The Penang and Province Wellesley Silver Jubilee Home for the Aged was established in 1935 to commemorate the Silver Anniversary of KING GEORGE V of England and his Consort Queen Mary.
This 22.5 acre piece of land was donated by the late Mr. CHEAH LEONG KEAH J.P. for the aged destitutes in Penang. Originally, single storey hutchments each accommodating 2 Residents were built; but now, there are 6 blocks of cluster units to house the 160 odd Residents residing in the HOME. There are 2 medical wards for the sick and aged who are being taken care of by a Matron, 2 staff nurses and more than 13 Ward Attendants. The mobile Residents are being looked after by a Head of Nursing, a staff nurse and 3 Attendants. The Rehabilitation Centre presently provides therapy to the Hospital referred patients and inhouse Residents who suffer from Stroke. It is equipped with a complete set of physiotherapy and occupational therapy work out exercisers.

For the Administrative side there is the Manager plus 1 Assistant Manager, a Financial Officer and several other officers in charge of other departments too. There is a total of about 57 workers in the HOME. The HOME is very fortunate to have a Muslim and a non-Muslim kitchen, a laundry centre, a surau and a big multi purpose hall with badminton facilities which are rented out to provide some extra income for the HOME. There is also a beautiful and spacious Cheah Leong Keah Dining Hall with 2 recreation wings including an activity block where the Residents can enjoy watching ASTRO/T.V. shows and enjoy karaoke sessions from time to time.

The General Committee has been working very hard to keep upgrading the HOME in various ways. They could do that because of the wonderful generousity of the general public. The HOME spends about RM 220,000 per month and any CASH DONATION is tax-exempted. Donations in kind are also appreciated. For admission, any destitute of 60 years and above is eligible to be accepted irrespective of race, creed or gender. However all applicants are subjected to an interview by the Admission Committee and the General Committee will make the final decisions to reject or approve the admission. Applicants must be Malaysian citizens residing in Penang or Province Wellesley. Admission is Free. The Chairman and General Committee extend an open invitation for you to visit the Silver Jubilee Home for the Aged anytime during the office hours including Weekends and Public Holidays.



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